Established Local Company
Dedicated and knowledgeable local factory-trained service technicians. Big company capabilities, small company personal service.

The Personal Touch
24/7 live customer service. Not voice mail. It’s the little things we do to show we care that build long-lasting relationships with our customers and your customers.

Direct Access to the President
When working with BluWav Vending you will find a cohesive team of hard-working and smart-working individuals. At BluWav Vending we are not about egos or protocol. We are about providing the absolute best service to our customers. You have access to an elite team of dedicated human resources including the company president.

Factory Trained Techs
Our technicians are factory trained by our supplier, TPI, of Texas. Additional hands-on training is ongoing in the field as BluWav Vending, over its many years in the business, has perfected its craft and delivered many industry innovations.

Installation Services
BluWav Vending will purchase and install all Air, Vac and Air/Vac vending machines. With the exception of any necessary electrical work, all of the installation work will be performed solely by us with close coordination with your personnel.

Coin Collections & Revenue Sharing
BluWav Vending will routinely collect the coins from the vaults of the machines, count the coins and manage the revenue share accounting for both coin and credit card transactions. During each coin collection visit machines will be inspected, tested and receive any necessary maintenance.

General Maintenance and Repairs
BluWav Vending is responsible for all maintenance and repairs for each machine. All machines will be remotely monitored online by BluWav Vending to identify any error alerts or outage conditions.

Customer Service
Customer service inquiries and the resolution of such inquiries will be handled by BluWav Vending. Each machine will have signage which includes contact information for customer service. All customer refund requests will be handled by us and will be mailed to customer within 2 business days from the date we are notified.

Route Management & Optimization
BluWav Vending takes customer satisfaction very seriously. We continuously monitors its vending operations to ensure maximum uptime of its vending devices. Our route planning system uses tools daily to optimally service its extensive vending device portfolio, its operational staff, cash loading, coin collection and other assets and resources. The route optimization system maximizes efficiency and service delivery of BluWav Vending service team.

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