Add monthly revenue to your convenience store!

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Increase daily revenue at your convenience store with our modernized digital air/vac equipment.

Revenue Sharing
BluWav Vending is the best in the industry, not only as a result of its passion for excellence in service, but because it also provides exceptional volume driven revenue share opportunities to its retail partners.

Reporting/Revenue Share Payments
Interval Commissions are paid each month within 15 days after the end of the month in which revenue occurred. Gas Center will also be provided with portal login capabilities to view actual revenue for each of its terminals.

Custom Colors
Air and air/vac machines can be outfitted to match your company colors providing welcoming and professional presentation of these vending services to your loyal customers.

Recoiling Hoses
We know how much effort you put into making your stores appeal to your patrons. Clean storefronts, clean rest rooms, organization of your in-store merchandise. Why should air machines and air/vac machines be any different? No gangly and knotted hoses when you select BluWav Vending for your air and vac vending services.

Provided Trash Cans with Vacs
In our continued desire to make your store property look its best we pay attention to the details. We know how busy you are so we’ve got your back. We even supply the trash cans for your air/vac machines.

Online Technical Monitoring
BluWav Vending wants to be the first to know if a malfunction occurs and then resolve the issue before your customers or your employees ever know about a problem. Sure, it costs BluWav Vending more to do this but in the long run it pays off greatly with happy customers and increased revenue.

Online Reporting
We believe in full transparency. And while we give you many reasons to trust us, we have no problem with verification. Our online reporting capabilities provide detailed transaction and revenue information providing a full accounting of all coin and non-coin payment transactions. Many of our competitors simply mail their customers a check with no detail. We provide you online access to all the detail behind your revenue share.

Secure Vaults 
Each air and air/vac machine is installed above a 2,000 pound concrete base. The vault is contained within the concrete and protected further by a highly secure puck-type lock.

Best Compressors in the Industry
Often it’s the things you don’t see that make the biggest difference. When it comes to the best air and air/vac it’s not as much what is on the outside that counts, it is more about what is on the inside. BluWav Vending selects Gast Manufacturing compressors because they are the best and most reliable compressors available. There are certainly other less expensive compressor options however BluWav Vending will not trade quality and reliability for price, ever.









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